Natalia Garcia-Lee
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oil on canvas, framed
48 x 60 in. framed 51 1/4 x 63 1/4 in. (122 x 152 cm. framed 130 x 161 cm.)
Year: 2020
Extra Info:

Signed on the verso

Location: Miami, FL

Seller: Natalia Garcia-Lee and LnS Gallery, Miami, FL.

Miami-based artist Natalia Garcia-Lee is fascinated by the human brain. The title of the painting, 'Engram', refers to the infinitesimal clusters of neurons that trigger memories in the brain. An Engram, therefore, is an entry point to remembering our past, making connections among the vast constellation of personal and shared histories, and a way of understanding where we're headed next. By repeatedly and painstakingly layering paint and connective dots across the canvas, Natalia presents a unique portrait of the human mind: intricate, complex and impossibly expansive.

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Natalia Garcia-Lee portrait

Natalia Garcia-Lee

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