Stefanie Jackson
“Chocolat Plantation, Sapelo Island”
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Oil on canvas
48 x 60 in. (121.9 x 152.4 cm.)
Year: 2019
Extra Info:

Signed on the recto

Location: Romeo, Michigan

Seller: Stefanie Jackson and RJD Gallery, Michigan.

Recipient of the prestigious Anonymous Was A Woman award in 2017 alongside Amy Sherald, Stefanie Jackson has been brilliantly exploring the experience of African Americans throughout her entire career. Richly detailed and imbued with intricate narratives, her paintings combine elements of Surrealism with Southern blues, Afro-Caribbean folklore, and personal experiences. The current scene unfolds in Sapelo Island in Georgia. In the early 19th century, the island was home to the Spalding Plantation after US Senator Thomas Spalding bought the island and brought over 400 slaves from Africa as laborers.  Since then, the island has gone through multiple owners, including Howard E. Coffin, heir to the Hudson Motor Car Company, whose estate on the island hosted former Presidents Coolidge and Hoover, among other notables. In the 1930s, Richard Joshua Reynolds Jr,. heir to the tobacco fortune, bought the island, which he inhabited for decades, consolidating the African descendants into a small stretch of land. In this painting, Jackson alludes to the complex and deeply problematic history of Sapelo Island, with multiple generations of African Americans, a white snake in the grass, and a levitating spirit of an ancestor occupying the center of the painting.

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Stefanie Jackson

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