Shezad Dawood
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Acrylic on vintage textile
61 1/8 in x 51 1/8 in. (155 x 130cm)
Year: 2020
Extra Info:

Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from Timothy Taylor, London/New York

Location: London

Seller: Shezad Dawood and Timothy Taylor, London/New York.

"...all the textiles I use as the grounds for my paintings come from Pakistan and from the ’70s, when I was a kid there. I grew up in Karachi, which is part of the province of Sindh, and the city has a long-standing tradition of nomadic Saami weavers. We had an industrial textile boom there in the ’70s, all these new factories popping up. But the nomadic weavers started to build their huts around the factories and incorporated the new mechanized prints into their hand-weaving. Although beautiful and highly decorative, they were utilitarian in that they weren’t for sale. The particular quilts and textiles that I use in my work are actually the continuity of these weavers’ passage through space. Literally, their shelters would be temporary but these quilts, which were often three to six layers thick so they’d be more hard-wearing, are the continuity of their narrative." -- Shezad Dawood

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Shezad Dawood

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